At 19, I was privileged to start designing cards for Magic the Gathering. I’ve produced AAA games at Activision & Zynga and consulted for companies like The Pokemon Company & Adult Swim.

Now my mission is to bring everything I know to developers large and small so more new ideas can be turned into great games. That’s why I love being a leader at Unity where I help develop tools to empower every game developer! In my free time, I give talks on the game industry, write for Deconstructor of Fun, and play Heroes of the Storm.

In 2016 I traveled to 27 different countries as part of Remote Year. Working my dream job as a game consultant while traveling was one of the single greatest experiences in my life so far.  The digital nomad life was so great, I wrote a book to help others get started. It’s the #1 result on Amazon for “digital nomad” with 30+ 5 star reviews.

Nowadays, I make my home in San Francisco, California.  I was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I graduated 2013 from Harvard with a bachelors in Economics.


You can learn more about my professional experience in the professional history page., hire me as a consultant, or reach out to get in touch for any other reason.